About Us

Lady sheikh

Women often make more effective leaders than men. When they are given the chance they strive to show their teammates that the stereotypes are wrong. So why have there been so few women leaders? Stuck in traditional roles women are unaware of their potential. Lady Guli Sheikh has seen the unused potential and wants to redress the balance. She has organised the free course “Women’s Leadership Online”and through this she wants to show new role models to women and encourage them to take control of their own situation. The course will demonstrate that the skills that inspire a family are the same as the skills needed to inspire a team, a company, or even a country, and by demonstrating this Lady Sheikh hopes that women will take a more active role. Dreams can become reality when the mind is opened to new ideas.

The course is presented as a series of inspirational lectures and seminars by leading professionals from all over the world educating women and men on the fundamentals of women’s rights and how they apply in modern society. It also touches on practical matters about starting micro-businesses and acts as a channel for budding entrepreneurs to network. It aims to improve the family life and confidence of all who take part by giving them a brighter future.

Lady Sheikh has initially aimed the course at Central Asia, although as an online course it is available without geographic limitations, and although primarily for women, men are welcome. Education is a universal right not restricted to one gender. So far the course has helped over 500 women and 30 men find a new beginning and a new direction for their life, mostly by giving them the confidence and knowledge to start small businesses. We invite you to join their number and earn your certificate by completing the course, your first step into the world of tomorrow.