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We are a charitable school dedicated to empowering women through education and leadership

Lady sheikh

Why Women's Leadership Matters

Women are often more effective leaders than men. When given the chance, they strive to show their colleagues that the stereotypes are wrong. So why are there so few women leaders? Trapped in traditional roles, women are unaware of their potential. Lady Guli Sheikh has seen the untapped potential and wants to redress the balance. She has organised the free Women’s Leadership Online course to give women new role models and encourage them to take control of their own situation. The course will demonstrate that the skills that inspire a family are the same skills needed to inspire a team, a company or even a country, and by demonstrating this, Lady Sheikh

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Our Approach

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At Women’s Leadership Online, we offer a holistic educational program that goes beyond traditional academics. We provide:

  • Academic Skills Development

  • Leadership Training

  • Vocational Training

  • Mentorship and Support

How You Can Help

Your support is vital in helping us empower women to reach their full potential. Here’s how you can make a difference:

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Your financial contributions allow us to continue providing quality education and resources to underprivileged women.



Share your skills and knowledge by volunteering your time as a mentor, teacher, or workshop facilitator.

Spread Awareness

Spread Awareness

Help us raise awareness about the importance of women's leadership by sharing our story with your network.

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